Physical therapy and rehabilitation
in the center of Belgrade, Vračar

The most modern methods of treating patients in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. We successfully eliminate pain and stiffness. We restore the mobility of muscles and joints, speed up the recovery process after hip, knee or elbow surgery. Our office is located in the center of Belgrade at Mileševska 7.



Leads to the correction of the position of the joint.



Application of electricity for therapeutic purposes.



Shock acoustic wave therapy reduces pain, increases mobility, regenerates injured tissue, relaxes muscles, reduces the inflammatory process, improves blood circulation, vascularization…



Manual non-invasive method, mobilizes tissues that are inactive.



Known as movement therapy for healing purposes.



It leads to the balance
of the organism.



Therapeutic procedure that combines acupuncture with the application of mild electrical stimulation through needles



Medical procedure based on interdermal application.



Treatment or relaxation due to stress or as a preventive method.



Hands I trust

My name is Miroslav Urošević, I am the founder of the Hirofizikal rehabilitation clinic. I have been a physiotherapist since 2009, and I have been trained by some of the best doctors and physiotherapists in the country and abroad. Working on others, I constantly worked on myself, expanding and improving my knowledge and skills.

That is why today, in addition to physical therapy, I apply several forms of manual therapies in my clinic, which I learned and learned in cooperation with the most famous experts from Belgium, Italy, Greece, China and New Zealand.

These experiences provide our clients / patients with a very wide range of services, as well as a combination of classic physiotherapy and manual therapy that is profiled exactly according to your needs.
Sincerely yours,


Founder & Owner

An ideal blend of tradition
and modern medicine

The philosophy of the Hirofizikal clinic is a combination of conventional and traditional medicine, of which we use the best. Under our fingers you will feel the touch of the East and the skills of the West; you will see that Eastern wisdom and Western practice can meet at one point. At the bottom of your sore spine or on the seventh vertebra of your stiff neck.

Individual approach
to each patient

For us, each individual is a cosmos for himself: special, specific, different, in one word – unique. This is how we approach you in the Hirofizikal clinic: exclusively individual because there are no two same people, nor two same problems.

The Road to Healing
starts with the first step

Precise diagnosis is the first step to recovery. And all other steps depend on ourselves – on our will to heal and the choice of the right medicine for our pain.

We can be contacted by patients who have minor injuries (bruises and sprains, tendon and muscle injuries or tissue contusions), as well as patients who have more serious injuries (severe disc herniation, protrusions, extrusions, strokes), after severe bone and joint fractures. or spine.
In short, Hirofizikal is an ideal place for recovery, rehabilitation and treatment of all conditions that require shorter or longer rehabilitation.


Patient experiences

The best advice is a good recommendation. What do patients say about us …

Deuric Andja
Deuric Andja
26. October, 2023.
Super angenehme Atmosphäre und hilfreiche Behandlung! Mir war klar, dass nach einem Termin meine Beschwerden nicht komplett verschwunden sein können, aber nach nun ein paar Tagen geht es mir so viel besser, als ich erwartet habe. Her. Urosevic hat mir sehr geholfen und durch seine professionelle Fragen und Anregungen während des Termins auch nachhaltig etwas in mir ins Rollen gebracht, wieder mehr auf mich und meinen Körper zu hören. Vielen Dank dafür und bis zum nächsten Mal!
tanja jovanovic
tanja jovanovic
22. June, 2023.
Sve pohvale za Miroslava! Uspesno mi je resio problem sa ledjima pre 2 godine i sada mi je resio problem bolova u vratu i ruci. Izuzetan profesionalizam, prijatan iambijent, za svaku preporuku. Na brz i lak nacin otarasite se bola i nastavljate sa svakodnevnim zivotom i obavezama. Hvala Miroslavu za svu strucnost i posvecenost.
vesna radivojevic
vesna radivojevic
2. May, 2023.
Bolove trpim mesecima, analgetike pijem mesecima. Posle prvog tretmana, nisam popila nista protiv bola, osecam se 60% bolje, prosto ne verujem da ne boli! Ako imate problem, bez velikog razmisljanja, dodjite i pomozite sebi.
4. March, 2023.
Miroslav mi je vratio san i pomogao mi je da opet hodam i trčim. Veoma sam mu zahvalna i preporučujem njegovu ambulantu od srca. Svakome se posvećuje i rešava problem da čovek može ponovo da se kreće normalno.
Einna B
Einna B
19. November, 2022.
Miroslav je rešio moj problem sa ledjama koji je trajao 2.5 godine. Mnogo sam zahvalna, svaka preporuka ♥️
Ђорђе Ђурковић
Ђорђе Ђурковић
13. November, 2022.
Професионално. Све похвале.
During many years of work with patients, we listened carefully to their wishes and suggestions, we had an ear for all their suggestions, remarks and requests. Literally and figuratively – we felt their pulse and listened to them breathe.
The conclusions we came to surprised us at the same time and made us proud.

The vast majority of our citizens who live or work abroad, but also many foreigners, intentional travelers who were brought to our region by the road, agree that they would like to be treated in Serbia, in our clinic.

The reasons are simple: the service is impeccable, the expertise of the medical staff is at a top, world level, and the prices are far lower than abroad. When we add to that a strong sense of belonging to the native and beloved country, the picture becomes complete. Treatment in our clinic will not only solve your health problems, but it is also an effective remedy against another dangerous pain: nostalgia.
Taking everything into account, we came up with the idea to expand the offer to our citizens who live outside the borders of Serbia, but also to those who come only as tourists.

Often waiting too long for appointments abroad, the need to visit more specialists at more locations, as well as additional scheduling of diagnostics, give the calculation that it is much more efficient, faster and easier to entrust your treatment to us!

In return, we can offer you a handful of benefits:

– Fast and quality service
– Possibility to schedule additional diagnostics, if needed: scanner, magnetic resonance, ultrasound…
– Express examination by other specialists: orthopedist, neurologist, neurosurgeon…
– Possibility to send medical documentation by e-mail before arrival, in order to make a plan of your trip and thus further shorten the treatment time
– The ability for your health insurance to reimburse you
– Much better prices than abroad
– Help in finding the best and most favorable accommodation (this only applies to patients of the Hirofizikal clinic)

In short – go everywhere, come home!

We are at your disposal for any additional questions and information

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MON – FRI: 8:00 – 21:00
SAT – SUN: Closed


+381 60 55 70 700


Mileševska br. 7
Vračar, Beograd, SRB


You can make an appointment at the following link.


which I believe.

Copyright by Hirofizikal 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Hirofizikal 2021. All rights reserved.

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