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Exercises for kyphosis

Kyphosis is a spinal disease characterized by increased curvature of the upper back, and properly designed exercise programs can help strengthen the back musculature, stretch shortened muscles, and improve posture.

At the Chirofizikal clinic in Belgrade, under the supervision of physiotherapist Miroslav Urošević, specific exercises are performed tailored to the individual needs of patients. An expert team of physiatrists and physiotherapists provides support and supervision during exercise, ensuring that patients perform the exercises correctly and achieve the desired results.

Through a systematic approach and personalized exercise programs, patients have the opportunity to gradually strengthen the back musculature, improve posture and reduce the discomfort caused by kyphosis.
It is important to point out that before starting any exercise program for kyphosis, you should consult with a physiatrist or physiotherapist, in order to choose an appropriate exercise program and adapt it to the individual needs and capabilities of each patient. With the right support and dedication, kyphosis exercises can be a step towards better spinal health and overall well-being.

Patients can later perform exercises at home, with guidelines and plans provided in the office, while office visits are used to monitor progress and possibly adjust the exercise program according to the progression of recovery. Control visits are crucial for monitoring the effectiveness of the therapy and adjusting the exercise program, and the expert team provides support and advice to keep patients motivated and achieve the desired results.
Through this holistic approach, patients have support and supervision throughout the rehabilitation process, which contributes to the effectiveness of therapy and reduces the risk of injury or incorrect exercise performance. The goal is to enable patients to independently take care of their spine health and maintain the achieved results.
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Copyright by Hirofizikal 2021. All rights reserved.

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